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Distributionprogram -  emc-measurement

EMC-Combination Wave Test System, System for Capacitor Test, Protection Device Test, Isolation Test, Telecom Test, Oscillatory Wave Test, Military- & Avionics Test. Harmonics and Flicker and ESD Test System

pdf: Distributionsprogramm

EMCP Galerie

Videos: EMCP 3D-Animation
Ranges Overview, Generation IMU and TEMA3K,
IMU3000 u. TEMA3000, Avionics Components

Is the Company joining different major EMC-Product Producers such as EUROSHIELD, EMCO, RANTEC and LINDGREN under One Name. Offering complete Solutions from Antenna, GTEM-Cells, Turntables, Shielding Materials till complete Chambers.
Offer complete EMC-measurement Solutions for radiated and Conducted Emission and Immunity Tests.

pdf: 9010F - 9010-XXP - CONDIS - 7010 - RADIS

RF SAFETY - Electromagnetic Measurements
Three different solutions to perform RF safety / electromagnetic measurements:
MapEM - Electromagnetic Map: measuring the RF safety levels, QoS (Quality of Service) and coverage inside the scanned area
RFMS - RF Monitoring system to measure 24 hours/day any radiation source.
SMP - Portable system for on site measurements: easy, fast and precise.

Technical Article SMP2 (pdf) - Wavecontrol Presentation SMP2 (pdf)

Broadband Power Amplifiers and Equipments for EMC Tests, Radio-communications, EMI/RFI/EMP Tests as well as Low Frequency Equipments like Voltage and Current Amplifiers